The PhD Jobs You Can Get With Your New Degree

While an advanced educational degree is not required for most jobs in the world, the PhD jobs you can get with a newly acquired doctoral degree are often more prestigious and interesting than those jobs available to people with less education or experience. Particularly in the sciences and economics, a PhD is the terminal degree leading to great employment opportunities in the educational, public and private sectors. Learn more here about the types of jobs available to you when you’ve earned a PhD.

PhD Jobs in Science

The most common PhD jobs out there are those in the sciences. A PhD is required for advancement to the highest levels of many scientific fields. Here are a few examples of careers for those with science-related PhDs:

  • Medical scientists: To be a medical scientist, a PhD in a biological science is required. Medical scientists conduct biomedical research and help determine the causes of health problems, as well as develop and research potential cures. Medical scientists are constantly challenged, and there are many dynamic areas of research currently drawing the highest-qualified candidates to the field, including AIDS research, Alzheimer’s research and cancer research.
  • Physicists: Those possessing a PhD in physics are in demand in the private sector as well as in the educational sector. Industrial and educational applications of physics, as well as teaching roles, are available for people at the top of their PhD classes.
  • Computer engineers and software experts: The intense competition in the field of information technology means that a master’s degree may no longer be enough to succeed there. Many high-tech firms require a PhD for the highest levels of software development, analysis and other aspects of the engineering field. Individuals with computer science–related PhDs should also be well-rounded and experienced in other hard sciences as well, as many jobs combine research aspects with software development, database architecture and other applications.

Work for PhDs in Business, Finance and Economics

The world of business needs smart people, and those who have undergone a rigorous PhD program in business, finance or economics will be in demand from innovative firms studying the markets to find advantages and inefficiencies. Here are a few examples of ideal career areas for those with a business- or economics-related PhD:

  • The corporate world: Corporations both large and small are always in need of innovative minds, and they draw deeply from the supply of business, finance and economics PhDs.
  • Economic consulting: Self-employed consultants who work with corporate and public organizations provide expert opinions. Many of these consultants hold PhDs in economics.
  • Governmental organizations: Government financial institutions and other government agencies employ PhDs in economics, finance, business and accounting. A particularly interesting career field is forensic accounting, wherein government law enforcement agencies employ accountants to trace the finances of criminals and organized crime operations.

There are many PhD jobs available to individuals who are looking for interesting and complex careers, and if you fall into that category, by all means you should start taking the necessary steps to ultimately attain one of these positions.